Titanfall is killing it on social media

If social media reaction to a game is any indication of its future reception will be like, then Titanfall is going to be huge. Anyone with access to the internet has probably, at one point or another, been exposed to the hype that is Titanfall. But just how excited are people for the biggest Xbox One game yet?

Fizziology, a research firm which gathers and analyzes reactions from social media sites, has checked out Twitter conversation for the past seven days — one week prior to Titanfall's release on Tuesday. They found that there were 161,439 social mentions during the period. Comparatively, that's double that of Battlefield 4 which accrued 80,989 social mentions at the same point prior to release. Saints Row 4 attracted 26,136 social mentions, while Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag had 32,677 social mentions. As you can see, people are pretty excited for the game.

Of course, social media mentions isn't all that leads us to believe Titanfall will be well-received. Of the fan conversation, 69% was labeled as "positive" with negative mentions "nearly nonexistent."

Below are a few more noteworthy Titanfall buzz facts, as gathered by Fizziology.

  • 3% of the total social conversation came from people who had pre-ordered or were pre-ordering the game. This was higher than Saints Row IV, Grand Theft Auto V, Battlefield 4, Assassin's Creed IV (which all saw 2% pre-order buzz) and Call of Duty: Ghosts (which only saw 1% of buzz from pre-orders) at the same point in time pre-release. 
  • People talking about playing Titanfall on Xbox One drove 12% of the total conversation. 
  • Count downs to the release date were in 4% of social buzz (that's more than 6,000 mentions). 
  • Beta talk drove 4% of the conversation. A unique hashtag was even used for people who played the beta version and are now waiting for the game to release – #withtitandrawl. The tag was used hundreds of times each day. 
  • The lack of single player mode was talked about in 2% of the conversation (more than 3,500 mentions). Most gamers were inquiring about the game play or answering others' questions.
  • FPS rival Call of Duty was mentioned in 2% of the total conversation. Most people talked about how the new game could replace COD or blow it out of the water. 
  • The Titanfall jacket patches (or badges) are a huge hit, appearing in 2% of social buzz (3,400 mentions). Many gamers on social are trying to find out how to get their own.