Tips and tricks for Elder Scrolls Online Part 2

We're back with some more tips and tricks to make your Elder Scrolls Online experience more enjoyable. Let's get right to it!

Why are so many people selling goods in zone chat?

There isn't an Auction House in game. There is, however, a guild store that you can access at the bank vendor. That's the treasure chest icon on your map in major cities. You should really check out the guild store and buy the things I post there.

There aren't enough quests in this game. I keep running out!

I have a couple of responses for this. First, make sure you're exploring anything and everything on the map. There aren't any localized quest hubs. Instead, you'll find quests in various points of interests.

Second, just because a quest level is 3-4 levels above you doesn't mean you're unable to do it. While it feels weird doing quests that are all orange (yellow is "normal" for your level, orange is "difficult"), I've been able to do them with (usually) very little issue. It helps that Elder Scrolls Online isn't a tab target game. More importantly, it helps that random players on the same questline can also jump in and kill enemies; everyone gets credit provided they do enough damage, so it's a win-win.

I'm so broke. How can these people afford everything?

I'm going to let you in on a little secret: don't repair things. You'll be able to craft new gear by the time you need to repair. The amount of money saved by doing this is absolutely nuts. Plus, don't be afraid to vendor those stacks of crafting mats if you can't find a seller. 400 gold is still 400 gold. It adds up.

Help! I'm stuck in Cyrodil! How do I leave?

In your base camp there should be a general wayshrine that lets you travel to anywhere on the main map.

I can't find various crafting materials. Where is everyone finding this stuff?

This is an Elder Scrolls game, remember? Be sure to check EVERY container in the world. Baskets, crates, drawers, cabinents, shelves, they all have something to offer. Mostly it's ingredients for provisioning. Sometimes, though, you'll find something super valuable.