Tingle DS

Today a scan from an unidentified Japanese magazine detailing a game, titled “Mogitate Tingle no Barairo Happy Land.” was released. The title means “A Fresh Tingle’s Rose-Colored Happy Land.”
According to the scan, the game’s plot apparently follows an average middle-aged man. One day, he responds to an invitation to “come to the spring,” and finds himself mixed up in a sort of wager. An old man named Rupee-ji invites the man to collect the familiar currency of Hyrule and toss it into the spring. As a result, he opens up a path to the “Happy Land,” a paradise where wine, women, and song are in ample supply. As soon as he agrees to give it a try, the protagonist is transformed and appears wearing the familiar Tingle outfit.

The scan also showed a mysterious female fairy named Pinkle and scenes of Tingle dressed as both a fairy and a middle-aged office worker. No details of the gameplay were given in the article, but two of the screens show some sort of calculator interface.

According to the scan, the Tingle RPG is slated for release sometime in 2006. We’ll keep you updated.