Thrustmaster Masters the Wii Side of the Force

Thrustmaster (go ahead, laugh now) has produced some Wii peripherals that some people are actually getting excited about.

We’ve seen Wii lightsaber attachments before, but Thrustmaster’s version actually looks like something we’d be excited in using. These add-on sticks are powered by three AAAs and have 17 blue or red LEDs for glow-in-the-dark action. Nice, but we’re not sure how much more “gameplay” it’ll add to The Force Unleashed. Bonus shot for awkward Canadian teens after the jump. — Gizmodo

Well, I guess if that’s your thing… they seem a tad cheesy to me, but that’s mostly due to the proportions.

Only thing they don’t do is make a wwhhuummm noise, but if that’s what kept the costs down to $35, we can do it ourselves. — Kotaku

Know what else I can do myself? Take the 35 dollars and buy a couple of regular toy lightsabers and a budget game. Among other things.

Still, all jabs aside, one serious question: Were these things made with Wii MotionPlus in mind? It would suck to have LucasArts make that 1:1 lightsaber game and not be able to use these with it, after making a purchase.