THQ Signs with Ad-Provider

In a recent Q&A session with Next-Gen, Double Fusion CEO Jonathan Epstein spoke on his view on in-game advertisements.

THQ, a global publisher and developer specializing in children based games, recently signed on with Double Fusion to provide in-game advertisements in future game titles. According to Epstein, the current practice of promoting products in more interactive environments is far more effective than using mediums such as television and online ads to market specific products. “That allows marketers to harness and connect with the excitement that comes from playing a game,” Epstein claimed.

According to THQ senior VP of North American sales and distribution Scott Guthrie, the practice could potentially go either way. “It’s difficult to say just how big a business in-game advertising will become through this new console cycle and beyond.”

Whether we like it or not, it looks like in-game advertisements are here to stay. Check back for updates.