THQ Developing Ratatouille

Licensed games powerhouse THQ has announced that it will be developing the game based on Pixar’s 2007 feature film, Ratatouille.

Directed by Brad Bird, Ratatouille centers on the story of Remy, a rat living in the sewers somewhere under the exquisite city of Paris, France. Remy desires nothing more than to become a famous French chef, following in the footsteps of his “culinary hero”, Auguste Gusteau. The game will allow “players to create culinary masterpieces, evade detection from dangerous and often hungry enemies, and brave the perils of the dinner rush.”

The production of Ratatouille makes the third consecutive Pixar title produced by THQ. The two other games based on The Incredibles and Cars have both performed impressively well at retail.

Ratatouille is set to hit stores sometime closer to the release date of the film. The game will be released on the Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, GameCube, PSP, Nintendo DS, PC, Mac, Game Boy Advance, and wireless phones.

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