THQ Announces Wii Title Big Beach Sports

A new Wii title has been announced by THQ, one that sounds absolutely fantastic to those of us who continue to suffer through less than favorable winter conditions.

Big Beach Sports is looking to take up to four players on one Wii console straight to the beach and provide them with a way to compete among a myriad of sports, of which include the likes of American football, soccer, cricket, volleyball, disc golf and bocce. A single player tournament mode will also be featured, one that encourages gamers to master each of these sports through intuitive use of the Wii remote combined with real-life motions.

“The innovative Wii Remote controller has revolutionized sports gaming, letting us involve the player like never before,” said senior vice president of product development Steve Dauterman. “Big Beach Sports applies the control scheme to each of the varied sports featured, letting players pick up and play the games they know and learn the ones they don’t know.”

This exclusive Wii title is slated for a summer 2008 release. Stay tuned to Kombo for continued coverage.