Theorycrafting: The hidden clues in Media Molecule’s “glitched” PS4 video

So today, Media Molecule released a video of their new PS4 project. Sort of. Actually, it was a rendering error of their game which caused a “trippy sequence of colourful nonsense that begged to be shared.” Here’s the thing though, I have a theory, and I may be crazy but I think there’s more to this video than it being a random video of a rendering error that they decided to share. In fact, I don’t think it’s much of an error at all. If it is, there are definitely some clues in it that we can dissect.

First, the video:

Get ready for some theorycrafting because I’m about to breakdown the video in an attempt to figure out the big mystery, and that is: what kind of game is Media Molecule working on?

It starts with the PS Move Tech Demo

During the PS4 unveiling back in February 2013, Media Molecule took the stage to reveal its new tech demo for the PlayStation Move. Though the premise of their presentation was all about using the Move controller to create shapes, it concluded with a demo of several characters rocking out with instruments — all of them being controlled by Media Molecule developers using the Move Controller. At the time, I don’t think anyone really thought much of it — though now it’s a little more clear.

The mysterious face

Several times throughout the glitched video, you’ll see the renderings of a mustached man pop up on screen. This face, though lacking details, appears to be the same one as one of the characters used in the tech demo — the guitar player to be exact.

Media Molecule

It’s either him or Andross.

If it's neither, then at least the low-poly figures are pretty darn similar.

The use of color

I get that this is supposedly a glitched video, but there’s something telling about the amount of color in it. More importantly, the patterned rhythm of the colors shown. Media Molecule has always created vibrant games, but I think there’s more to the colors in this video, and the fact that they match up in great unison with the song choice. It’s just seemingly too polished to be a freak rendering error.

A funky beat

Again, at the PS4 unveiling event, Media Molecule’s tech demo featured a real groovy beat. This one’s a little more off-the-wall, but it’s still pretty funky. As far as I know, this isn’t some royalty free stock song put to the colored rendering errors. Everything just matches up too nicely — almost as if it was created that way. Like it was, hm, planned? It’s more than just a random occurrence.

“Embrace Your Mistakes"

Embrace Your Mistakes

At the beginning of the video, Media Molecule tells you to “embrace your mistakes.” Now seeing as how this is a “rendering error” video, they’d have you believe that this is in reference to the glitch, but it’s not about that at all. Instead, I think it’s more about giving you the freedom to create something — like music perhaps? — and having you embrace every creative choice you make, whether by intention or mistake. There’s certainly a clue within this part 1, and I don’t think Media Molecule is trying to give us a video game design lesson.


If there’s one thing that both the tech demo and this video have in common, it’s the emphasis on musical-based patterns and colors. Even if this video is, indeed an error, it’s clear that Media Molecule’s new PS4 game is musical-based. Let’s say this is an opening cinematic or something that went wrong, it’s still obvious that what’s being shown has something to do with being in sync with the track that’s playing. And I’m sure all of this has something to do with the PS Move tech demo shown back in February 2013.

So here’s my theory: it doesn’t matter if this is a rendering error (though I have a sneaking suspicion that this was created intentionally). This is instead an intentional teaser for Media Molecule’s new rhythm-based music game for the PS Move on PS4.

With Gamescom right around the corner, I wouldn't be too surprised to see an official reveal.