The Best Limited Edition Game Packages

More and more companies are opting to release a special or limited edition of their games. Featuring special download or physical goodies like action figures, art books and other doodads, these editions have fans reserving like crazy to pick them up on day one. Case in point: both the Legendary and Prestige editions of Call of Duty: Black Ops are sold out — and they aren’t even out yet! There are plenty of new ones out now (Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Medal of Honor and Dead Rising 2 among them), but we thought we’d salute our favorite ones to date. You can still find most of them are retail these days, although there are a couple that require some deeper digging into your wallet — and through eBay auctions.

Assassin’s Creed: Limited Edition

Talk about a “killer” package. Assassin’s Creed: Limited Edition features a small figurine of the anti-hero Altair, a set of Penny Arcade comics drawn specifically for the game, a mini-strategy guide and bonus disc with Assassin-themed short films and additional Assassin’s Creed videos. The films are definitely the highlight, though we’re big fans of the comics as well. As for the Altair figurine, he’s currently battling for room on our desk against Chris Redfield and Crimson Viper.

Batman Arkham Asylum: Collector’s Edition

The Caped Crusader has never had a better package deal than this one — though Warner Bros. is sure to top it with next year’s Arkham City. The Arkham Asylum pack includes a 14-inch plastic batarang with display stand (sorry, it’s not detachable — apparently, WB didn’t feel like being liable for damages), a 48 page character encyclopedia, an extras DVD (or Blu-Ray with the PS3 edition), a Bat symbol-shaped storage case and an exclusive in-game Challenge Map, Crime Alley.

BioShock: Limited Edition

This here’s the Big Daddy of collector’s editions — literally. The highlight of the site is a solid pewter Big Daddy figurine, one that hovers all others that you might have sitting on your display stand. The set also includes a collector’s box with fan art on it, a 3-track EP Soundtrack CD, and a behind-the-scenes DVD. Your journey to Rapture has never been sweeter than this — especially when compared to the somewhat stuffy BioShock 2 special edition. (C’mon, who owns a vinyl player besides the dedicated rockers?)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Prestige Edition

What did you expect one of the best selling games of all time to come with — a mere poster? The $150 Prestige edition comes packing with a steel book with metallic finish, an artbook, a token to download the original Call of Duty Classic for Xbox Live or PlayStation Network, a pair of authentic night vision Goggles, and a collector’s stand to hold your goggles, shaped like a mannequin’s head. It’s a nice touch, though you might look a little weird testing out night vision around your neighborhood.

Dragon Age: Origins Collector’s Edition

Let the Dragon Age commence with this awesome box set. This Collector’s Edition includes a limited edition tin case, a bonus Bioware-produced DVD, a cloth map, three pieces of exclusive in-game content, an unlockable bonus quest and character, and exclusive in-game blood armor for use in Mass Effect 2. It definitely did the trick for fans of the series, and we’re sure Bioware is cooking something even bigger up for Dragon Age 2 come next year.

Fallout 3: Collector’s Edition

It’s the end of the world as we know it, but, hey, we’ve got a lunch box! Fallout 3 came with some pretty nifty stuff in its $100 game package, including the authentic lunchbox (a big hit at school, we’re sure), a bonus behind-the-scenes DVD, a concept artbook, and a five-inch Vault Boy bobblehead, perfect for nodding practice at your desk. We’re sure Fallout: New Vegas will have something similar, but we wish that Bethesda included a certificate for Nuka Cola.

Grand Theft Auto IV: Collector’s Edition

Your return to Liberty City didn’t get any sweeter than this. The high-priced Grand Theft Auto IV bundle came with plenty for fans of the series, including a metal safe deposit box (with key!), a Rockstar Games keychain, a Rockstar-labeled duffel bag, an Art of Grand Theft Auto IV book and the Music of Grand Theft Auto IV CD soundtrack. The game itself probably drew you in for hours, but the extras really show how hardcore a GTA fan you are. We still have our deposit boxes today.

Uncharted 2: Fortune Hunter’s Edition

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is a great game in itself, but if you managed to grab one of the limited copies of the Fortune Hunter edition, you’re getting the best Naughty Dog has to offer. This edition comes with a ton of stuff, including an exclusive collectible art book, a case autographed by developers, a code sheet for multiplayer content, and a strategy guide. Best of all, it also comes with a life-size Phurba dagger, like the one seen in the game. No wonder it goes for so much on eBay. We want one.

God of War III: Collector’s Edition

Kratos has never been in better form than with the God of War III limited edition package. In it, you get an exclusive Pandora’s box recreation (without the evil) and soundtrack scores from God of War I, II, III, a special God of War III heavy metal soundtrack, exclusive premium in-game DLC (including the God of War Combat Arena) and the downloadable God of War: Myth to Legend video, hosted by the former Robocop himself, Peter Weller. We only wish God of War Collection came with it as well.

Dead Space: Ultra Limited Edition

This special edition turned out to be very limited. In fact, at the time of its release, Electronic Arts only sold it online to a certain few. Too bad, because it’s loaded. It comes in special ultra limited edition packaging containing the game, a Dead Space: Downfall DVD movie, a bonus content DVD, exclusive custom lithograph art illustrated and signed by Ben Templesmith, an art book, a graphic novel, and an Ishimura crew patch. If you have this, consider yourself very lucky. Hopefully the Dead Space 2 collector’s set is more accessible.

Halo 3: Legendary Edition

While we could have mentioned the awesome Halo: Reach collector’s set (especially with the ceramic statue and the collector’s goodies), we felt compelled to give Halo 3’s set the nod. It comes with a life-size Master Chief helmet (which, sadly, can’t be worn), along with a bonus interactive disc (also in the limited edition), a Legendary DVD that includes remastered cut scenes from Halo 1 and 2 as well as Red vs. Blue content, and an art book. Best of all, you can get one these days for around $40. Good deal.