The Witness: The Keep (Hedge Maze) Walkthrough

Below is a guide to activate the Keep laser using the Hedge Maze in The Witness

The Witness is an open-world, exploration-puzzle game, offering mystery and intrigue that is answered only by exploration and solving two-dimensional puzzles. Sometimes the answer to a puzzle can be found in the puzzle itself, and sometimes you need to explore your environment. 

Note: While we encourage everyone to at least try and complete The Witness without the use of guides, we understand that sometimes frustration can set in. Before spoiling it for yourself, take a break and return at a later time. If it still doesn't click, feel free to use the guide below.

The Keep Walkthrough (Hedge Maze)

The Keep laser is located inside of the giant castle area in The Witness. There are actual two "maze" type puzzles in this area, but you only need to complete one in order to activate the laser. This walkthrough is for the Hedge Maze portion of the Keep puzzle. It requires you to walk through four different hedge mazes and solve the puzzle at the end which is a reflection of the path you were supposed to take.

Hints: (if you don't want to complete spoil it):

  • There's a specific patch through each maze. Keep your eyes and ears open. 
  • REMEMBER all four paths (draw them on paper if you need to)

Maze 1: Trace the only accessible path through the hedges. 

Maze 2: Trace the path you take to avoid stepping on any grass. 

Maze 3: Trace the path where you don't hear any heavy gravel footsteps. 

Maze 4: The diagram and maze don't match up, so trace the only route which can be a solution to both mazes.

Laser Activation: To complete the final panel, draw a path that reflects the correct path you took through the four mazes.

To complete the Platform Activation portion of the Keep, follow this guide.

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