The Witness: Monastery (Red Oak Tree) Walkthrough

Below is a guide to activate the Monastery laser

The Witness is an open-world, exploration-puzzle game, offering mystery and intrigue that is answered only by exploration and solving two-dimensional puzzles. Sometimes the answer to a puzzle can be found in the puzzle itself, and sometimes you need to explore your environment. 

Note: While we encourage everyone to at least try and complete The Witness without the use of guides, we understand that sometimes frustration can set in. Before spoiling it for yourself, take a break and return at a later time. If it still doesn't click, feel free to use the guide below.

The Monastery Walkthrough (Red Oak tree)

The Monastery looks like a giant stone temple with a red Oak treet sticking out the top. Once you climb the stone steps and open the gate you are greeted with a series of puzzles. Below is the walkthrough to activating the Monastery laser.

Hints: (if you don't want to complete spoil it):

  • Notice there are two separate ways to complete the puzzle in the back. This will open another set of panels.
  • During the second portion, pay particular attention to the branches and leaves near the rectangular panel boxes.