The Weapons of Bullet Witch

Atari’s upcoming action-adventure, Bullet Witch, is right around the corner. The game mixes and mingles magic with gunplay and stars a witch named Alicia. Below, Atari has outlined four of the weapons Alicia will wield throughout her quest.

Machine Gun
The all-powerful machine gun is a favorite of many enthusiasts out for a high kill count. Spraying enemies with hundreds of bullets right before laying down a Willpower spell to clear the path is an awesome sight. Or, if you cast an Elemental spell on the machine gun, use a quick switch and turn your machine gun into a fire weapon. This gives new meaning to the words, “I will SO roast you.”

Shot Gun
This weapon is best used at close range. The shotgun’s effectiveness wanes at long distances. In addition to using this weapon as a shotgun, an elemental upgrade allows the shotgun to be used as a “wind weapon.” Wide open areas or areas with a high concentration of Geists will see the best use of this weapon. For example, the Mountain Valley is ideal for the wind weapon.

The cannon destroys quite a bit of everything in one blow. It has overwhelmin destructive power against objects like cars and tanks. To assist Alicia’s own sniper efforts, there is a “sniper mode” which is an elemental upgrade to this weapon, allowing you to target/zoom in on enemies at a distance. Watching them blow up from that far away is quite satisfying.

Gatling Gun
Combines both incredible power and firing speed. However, the weight of this weapon slows the user down while carrying it. When the gunrod is in this form it can be combined with the Elemental spell allowing Alicia to unleash cascading bolts of electricity on her foes!

Stay tuned for more coverage of Bullet Witch in the coming week, leading up to our full review of the title.