The Walking Dead Season 6 trailer breakdown: Rick shows why he’s the HMFIC

Two days later, we can't stop thinking about The Walking Dead Season 6 trailer

San Diego Comic Con has been huge with breaking news this week, but perhaps nothing came bigger than The Walking Dead Season 6 trailer.

Just to recap the end of season 5 (AKA SPOILER), we saw Rick and company at Alexandria on the verge of being booted. Fortunately, the naivety of the Alexandrian residents succumbed to logic and "the group's" way of survival was realized to be necessary. "Rick.. do it". We all remember that line, right? Rick proceeds to show Pete the true meaning of lead poisoning as he fires a 1200 foot per second 40 cal into his brain. I know, badass as hell. 

Since that moment, we've been waiting for a glimpse of season 6 and we got a decent look at the upcoming season chock full of emotion, action and tense moments that show why Rick truly is the H.M.F.I.C. If you're looking for action, you better get your ass ready because it's about to pop off in Alexandria. Morgan is back, some of the residents still seem to think that all is fine and dandy — rainbows and unicorns in the town — and it seems season 6 is going to be a showdown between Rick and Morgan. One of Morgan's lines in the trailer, "I know Rick, I can stop him," seems to suggest this; but, the mayor is now on Rick's side after Pete killed her husband in the S5 finale. Tension, can you feel it?

Teams appear to be split down the middle which is absolutely ridiculous. I mean, really? What the hell else does Rick need to do to show that he knows how to get sh*t done? There are some rapid cut scenes in the trailer that show the group running through the woods, but we don't know from who. It could be zombies, Morgan's crew or someone new entirely. Of course, the last minute and a half is where it really gets good. Rick's monologue is both a voiceover and tied into scenes of the trailer. When Rick comes out with the line "Do you really think you can take this place from them? FROM ME! Do you have any idea who you're talking to?" my first thought was "Oh sh*t!, Liam Neeson just fell to second place with Taken!" You have to watch this trailer because it's amazing in so many ways. It's purely out of control and Rick continues to be the coolest character quite possibly in the history of television.

The Walking Dead Season 6 - Rick Grimes

The final scene is a bit of a twist as it appears the Wolves make an appearance. Of course, in the comics the Wolves exist by the name of the Scavengers and we've seen references to them in the show all over with the zombies and the "W" carved into their domes. They've captured Daryl, and we know how that's gonna go, right? Unfortunately, they skip the "how" part but we see Daryl escape and make a break for it.

When I first saw the trailer, I was at a weekend barbecue and yelled to all my fellow fans. You had to see it. People came flocking out of the lake, the pool and off the grill cooking food and I had about 20 people around my phone. The reactions were priceless. "Daaaaaammm", "OH SH*T!", "Rick's about to f– that guy up" You know, classic Walking Dead fan reactions. Of course, the last part of the trailer sucked though because it reminded me I have to wait three more months until its October 11th debut to get the real taste of it. I felt like I got my first hit from a drug dealer. Here's the first one for free man, you like it come back for the real thing.

Now remember, New York Comic-Con starts October 8th, right before the season premiere, and we'll be there live for you. I'll personally be streaming as much of the event that I can live via Periscope TV so be sure to get the app so you can get your eagle eye view. There's very few shows that can maintain this level of excitement through five seasons. Season 6 has more anticipation that any other season before which is absolutely incredible based on television history. Usually as shows progress in their tenure, originality tends to veer off the tracks and the dreaded "jump the shark" phrase comes into play. The Walking Dead looked at jump the shark. Then it laughed, took a 8 inch blade to its brain, sledgehammer to the grill and topped it off with a 12 gauge for good measure. At this rate, we're going to roll into Season 10 not knowing what the hell to expect. The last show I can think of that had this much excitement heading into a season was the final season of both 24 and Breaking Bad. 

Although it's at Comic Con, The Walking Dead may need to start showcasing at galleries because the way human emotions and reactions to situations are portrayed is simply beautiful art. Now, if we can just get Rick to make his TV voice his real voice we'd be set.

What did you guys think of the trailer and how excited are you? Let us know.