The user reviews of Destiny are proof that Metacritic needs to go away

Metacritic is the worst. I really do hate it. I hate review scores to begin with, but I have to live with the fact that people want a quick, easy way of seeing how a game is without reading. I get the need for scores. But I still hate them. What I even hate more is when a game like Destiny, which takes more than 10 hours to review, has over half of its user reviews rated '0' after 10 hours. A zero. Zero. That makes Destiny the worst game of all-time.

As of this article, Destiny is sitting at a 4.3 user score on Xbox One with seven positive reviews and nine negative ones. On PlayStation 4, it's rated a 5.1 with 139 positive, eight mixed, and 142 negative. On neither console is a critic review listed. You want to know why? It takes longer than 10 hours to review a game. And even then, there's no way Destiny deserves a zero. A game should get a zero for two reasons: 1) it doesn't turn on; or 2) it glorifies a tragic event like Columbine or rape.

Here are some of the gems from the user review sections:

destiny user review

… So Destiny gets a 1 because PS4 streaming is awful and the console is for kids… gotcha. Also, this user wrote the bad review for PS4 and then rated Destiny a 10 on Xbox One.

destiny review

It's not even close to Borderlands and it needs to be more like Halo. And no singleplayer offline. Same guy gave Watch DogsCall of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and Killzone: Shadow Fall a 10. 

destiny review

Doesn't have escape scene, turret scene, melee-only scene, stealth scene, sniper scene like old BF3. Just run and gun style and do we happen to be living in those 90s once again? What the f*ck does any of this mean? Big shame on you. 

destiny review

He played it for "a bit," so that 0 rating is totally justified. Also, why does everyone want it to have more humor like Borderlands, and then want to call it a Borderlands clone?


I got a headache reading this. I have no idea what Malkovich is trying to say. Literally… what. the. f*ck. This is the comment equivalent of The Room. You're tearing me apart Malkovich!

destiny review

So he's mad because people like him are hard to find and it's not as good as it would be on PC. I recommend to Boongie. 

destiny review

I'm done, guys. I have no more words. 

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