The Stars to Shine in November

The Nintendo DS has got Japan covered. The sales charts for last week were purely saturated with Nintendo’s Dual Screen, so it goes without saying that the handheld is clearly in a good position. And we ask, why not? The DS has a great lineup throughout the next couple of months, with heavy hitters Pokemon launching in September and Winning Eleven in October. But what about November? It was revealed earlier this week that Nintendo is planning on making Jump Ultimate Stars the standout title for the month of November.

The sequel to Jump Allstars, Ultimate will be released for the DS on November 23 in Japan. The game will be sold for 4800 yen.

Fans of the series can look forward to some new characters, ranging from Naruto, Black Car, Tennis no Oujisma and more. All of the original characters should be back as well. Equally pleasing is the fact that the game will utilize the Wi-Fi connection in some form.

Stay tuned to AMN’s continuing news coverage on Jump Ultimate Superstars for the Nintendo DS.

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