The Shortcomings of Dead Rising: Chop Til You Drop

Well, I was looking forward to Dead Rising: Chop Til You Drop on the Wii. Operative word being “was;” now I’m much more wary of the title after reading Kotaku’s hands-on with it.

The change of engines modifies the entire feel of the game, giving it a more slow and plodding feel that its predecessor. You aim with the Wii remote, shoot with the trigger, and can either hit a button to initiate melee attacks or charge up your melee weapon by shaking the remote in order to unleash powerful special for more powerful strikes. The gun because much more important in the Wii version, as special melee maneuvers require that you stun your opponent with gunshots first. Even the lovable servo heads require a gunshot first, ruining the fun of running about willy-nilly tossing plastic heads all over the place.

In order to free up more CPU, Capcom had to sacrifice weapons. Any weapon that had a similar function as another has been condensed into one. This helps performance of course, but in exchange you lose the feeling of immersion you used to receive from being able to pick up nearly anything and use it as a weapon. — Kotaku

They do note some of the positive changes which attracted me to this version in the first place, so right now things are kind of standing at a stalemate as to whether I’ll get this version, or wait until I can upgrade and then get the original, so that I can actually read it.