The LEGO Movie Videogame Cheats – Cheat Codes to Unlock Characters

The following cheats unlock Emmet (Lizard), Larry the Barista, and Mrs. Scratchen Post for The LEGO Movie Videogame

To enter them, Pause the game and select the "Extras" option. Choose "Enter Code" and then enter the following codes to unlock the characters:

  • Emmet (Lizard): UOOAQY
  • Larry the Barista: K7TDXJ
  • Mrs. Scratchen Post: UP7HJQ

Also, if you find the "floating kit" surrounded by studs (next to the police station in Bricksberg), walk up to it and enter either of these codes: 6LKMNDHR or HVLLRX6R‚Äč. This will unlock the Blacktron Fan from the building set and the Musical Pants. Just before the customs on the bottom row of characters, Blacktron Fan will be added.

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