The Latest Fact Sheet on Pirates

Disney has released the latest fact sheet for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, expected to ship May 22.

Here is the fact sheet quoted verbatim from Disney Interactive.

Key Features

  • Sixteen levels of 3-D chaotic action plus ten dueling boss encounters
  • Touch screen dueling – Slash, parry and dodge using strokes from the DS stylus that represent sword moves
  • Focus on adventuring and platforming mechanics – Obstacles such as flaming geysers, collapsing bridges and bottomless pits must be overcome with dexterity, timing and maybe even a grappling hook
  • Globe-spanning gameplay – adventuring and acrobatic platforming, combat, dueling, and mini-games in exotic locations
    Puzzle solving – Numerous obstructions require using a toolset of collected pirate themed items
  • Wireless multiplayer:

  • Dueling – Real-time touch screen sword combat for two players
  • Liar’s Dice – Re-live the famous game-of-chance from the film – single download (only one game cartridge required) for up to four players
  • Robust Camera experience with “look ahead” feature gives player best view of environment and action
  • Players: 1 – 2 (wireless duelling mode) – 1-4 (Liar’s Dice game as single download with only one cartridge required)