The Last Guardian Guide Part 7: Stained Glass Eyes, Crumbling Bridges

This is part seven of our walkthrough for The Last Guardian on PS4

In this portion of the game, you must shatter the stained glass eyes, as Trico is afraid of them. Start off by throwing the jars on the ground at the two mirrors, then hop on Trico's back and jump up.

Push the giant cart off the broken bridge and be careful of the flying piece that comes after. Command Trico to jump to the next portion of the bridge. Jump to him and he will catch you. 

Jump to the next platform and push the cart off. It will make the bridge collapse. Jump to Trico from the platform and he will catch you with his tail.

He will perform a series of jumps to a wooden platform. Move the vase so that he can grab hold of the wood and climb up.