The Industry Has “No Room for Average or Bad Games,” Says Ubisoft

Oh boy, now this is good. You might want to sit down before you read this. conducted an interview recently with Mr. Yannis Mallat, CEO of Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Toronto. And in that interview, Mallat told them that there is no room for average or bad games in the video game industry.

I’m sure the irony won’t be lost on anyone reading this. Of course, I like Ubisoft, they make some great games. But at the same time, not everything they produce is a gold standard.

The subject came up when Mallat was asked whether or not he thought the likes of Assassin’s Creed II would be able to stand up to the likes of Modern Warfare 2– possibly even best it– this holiday season.

To this, he responded: “It would certainly be too pretentious of me to try to predict the future. But I can certainly say there is no room any more for average or bad games, but there is still a lot of room for awesome games, and that’s what Assassin’s Creed is.”

Now, I certainly don’t disagree with Mr. Mallat. But while they have released some very good games, they haven’t exactly lit the world on fire with new Ninja Turtles games, and I’m sure everyone has their own opinion of their Petz games and associated properties.

And, of course, I’ve made no secret of my fondness for Rabbids, or my eagerness to play Red Steel 2.

Perhaps this is simply his way of saying that they are striving to raise their own bar, so that even their lesser titles are more commonly known as good games. Or, it could simply be hyperbole.

Assassin’s Creed II will soon be available to fill in the “awesome game” niche on November 20th, and Mallat notes that it “is already the fastest selling new IP, two years ago, and that’s good,” when pondering if it could become the biggest franchise in gaming. “I certainly hope so, and I would say we’re doing everything we can so that it happens.”