The Graphics of Hydrophobia

Last week, we talked to Blade Interactive about its upcoming Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 title, Hydrophobia. The game is set in a world where the Earth’s population is a hot topic — where the world’s population could be approaching levels that would overexert our food supply.

The game specifically follows an event in which an anti-population organization boards the Queen of the World, which is carrying a nanotechnology developed by a company called Nanocell that would allow scientists to modify water at its molecular level – and thus allow man to turn deserts into lakes, which in turn would allow the population to grow even larger. The anti-population group’s goal is simple: retrieve and destroy the nanotechnology

There’s a whole lot of back story and depth to the story, which you can read all about here, but the focus of this write-up is to showcase one particular element of Hydrophobia’s advanced graphics engine, its procedural morphing system, specifically. Using the system, Hydrophobia’s walls and other surfaces can morph from one texture to another in real-time before your very own eyes. The mechanic comes into play with the game’s phobia system, which affects the game’s main character as her fear of water takes control of her.

Below, you can see a “before and after” example of the technology in action. The first screenshot shows the insides of a standard hallway within the ship, while the one following shows the same area after the metal walls have morphed to feature cave-like textures.



You can see more of Hydrophobia’s stunning visuals by visiting our media page for the game, where we have several exclusive screenshots and art assets.