The Godfather II Pushed Back to an April Release

When you’re the head of a mafia family, one of the keys to success is to know when you’re out-gunned. Or so I would assume, as I’m not part of the mafia. But logic says that getting yourself riddled full of bullets isn’t the best way to succeed.

Anyway, The Godfather II was originally scheduled to be released around the same time as some rather heavy hitters: Halo Wars, Street Fighter IV, and Killzone 2. Now, a different tact is being taken for its release.

Instead, Kotaku reports that the game will now be released on April 7th, where it instead has to contend with smaller fish, such as Velvet Assassin, The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, and Madworld. And since MadWorld is a Wii-exclusive and Godfather II is exclusive to anything but the Wii, there is likely to be little problem there.

The push back had been alluded to earlier this month by EA CEO John Riccitiello, who stated the game needed “a better launch window and more time for longer lead marketing,” as it would otherwise end up in “a very cluttered, price reduced, excess inventory channel both in North America and Europe in a heavily competitive environment.”

Apparently, the Executive Producer doesn’t have much to say about the push; instead, he’d rather just talk about the game:

The Godfather II is taking the open-world genre in an entirely new direction by combining the furious combat of acting like a mobster, with the strategic gameplay of thinking like a Don. As game makers, when we looked at what lies at the heart of the Godfather universe, we discovered a game focused around organized crime. The Corleones and all the other families schemed and fought to gain access and control of different territories, so that they could control the flow of money in those areas. This underlying battle cloaked secrecy is what The Godfather II and mafia life is all about, and we wanted players to be in control as a Don and make those strategic decisions to lead their families to success. — ,” says Hunter Smith, Executive Producer for The Godfather II, via Kotaku