The gaming industry’s worst enemies

The gamer population is riddled with annoying folks who oftentimes think only what they like matters. These individuals have a hard time grasping that a game they don't play can actually be really good. Sadly, this group isn't the only problem polluting the gamer population. While there are plenty of pleasant folks who play video games out there, the truth is too many of them are obnoxious, petty, and absurd for one reason or another. So here's a list of the people who play video games and are just plain annoying, or as I like to call them, gaming's worst enemies.

The N4G crowd

If I was to categorize the majority of N4G users (notice I didn't say all N4G users), I would say they're pretty much the ghetto sector of the gamer population. While there are a few respectable users on the site, the vast majority resorts to childish remarks, foul language, liberal use of the Caps Lock key, poor argumentative skills, plain stupidity, more childishness, and utter fanboyism. Lengthy list, eh? Yeah, it's a total pain in the ass when I post something on the site only to watch as these petty and pathetic gamers make horrible claims in the comments section. Ultimately, though, this is the way I see it: For all the b*tching these goofballs do, they still gave my article their view, helping me out in the process. Oh, and if you were bothered by this, chances are you're one of these people.

People who want a new console NAO!

Both Microsoft and Sony have stated that they plan to keep their respective consoles around for the next few years. And with the latter currently focusing on the PlayStation Vita, it would be foolish for anyone to expect a PlayStation 4 anytime soon. Still, there are individuals out there who want their shiny new consoles, and they want them ASAP. Well, sorry to disappoint you people, but you're going to have to wait. id Software's John Carmack stated that the next console generation won't necessarily spell a huge graphical leap, and it certainly seems that way, so any people whining about how the current generation of consoles is starting to show its age graphics-wise need to stop their complaining and accept the fact that the current gen isn't going anywhere anytime soon.


Elitists, no one likes you, so go away. We all have things we like and things we dislike. The key thing to remember is that if you don't want to be categorized a grade-A d-bag, you should probably accept the fact that others are going to like genres and games that you may not necessarily like, but that doesn't make them any less of a gamer than you. For example, I really don't like Call of Duty. I think it's a horrible, hideous series, and I'm not interested in investing any amount of my time playing it. Ever. That said, I understand that people like it, and I understand why people like it. Most importantly, I understand that real gamers like shooting other players in the face in online multiplayer, which is great for them. Just because I don't like a game doesn't make it bad. More people need to understand this when they dislike something.

People who support piracy

If you're going to steal it, then don't bother playing it, jerks. I have no tolerance whatsoever for video game piracy. It's annoying that there are people who game this way, but there are individuals out there who never support the developers that bring us great franchises, and it's a damn shame, really. And for anyone who uses the excuse that "gaming's too expensive," then maybe these individuals should find themselves another hobby.



Not only do these clowns potentially ruin gaming for some people, but they're also thieves. Not only do they steal the opportunity for gamers to play their favorite titles, but there have been plenty of instances where these jackasses actually stole money from others. What makes these hooligans even more annoying is that they're always so damn cocky… until they get caught and are arrested. For the record, when hackers get arrested, it's really, really hilarious.

Kids on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network

kids on Xbox Live and PSN

What the heck are these dumbasses doing playing Call of Duty online? There's an M-rating on the case for a reason, folks. If your little brat wants the latest online shooter, don't buy it for him. For starters, he shouldn't be playing it in the first place. But also, he's just going to annoy the crap out of everyone else who plays the game online. Don't contribute to this. Get your kid a game he can play without annoying the masses.

People who call themselves gamers yet only play one game

this is not a gamer

We all know this person. This is the individual who says, "I like video games" or, "I play video games" yet really only plays one game. Whether it's someone who devotes entire days to nothing more than an MMO, or a shooter fan who plays the same game online every single day for hours without ever moving on to something else, it's hard to take these people seriously as gamers. That's probably because, well, they're not real gamers. Truth is, they're fans of a game, which doesn't necessarily make them gamers. I've heard people say, "Owning a Wii doesn't make you a gamer." While that certainly holds true, playing one game, regardless of whether it's a core game or not, doesn't make anyone a gamer, either.

Analysts who say mobile gaming will kill console gaming

Tommy Wi

This isn't true, so the sooner idiot analysts stop saying this, the sooner everyone will be a little less annoyed. The truth is mobile games are mostly great for people with specific tastes. While there are certainly a handful of core gaming experiences across Apple and Android devices, it's moronic for anyone to say that console gaming will become obsolete as a result of mobile gaming. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get back to my game of iRunner.

Idiots who forget their roots

Donkey Kong country

A lot of gamers such as myself grew up playing Mario games or other side-scrolling platformers. That's why it baffles me when gamers my age, or in some cases older than me, flat-out refuse to play platformers or say that a Mario game is "for little kids." Truth is, most platformers are games for everyone. You don't need to be a kid to enjoy richly colorful graphics and a vibrant visual style. You can be younger or older and still enjoy the platformer, which happens to be the very genre that practically saved gaming when Super Mario Bros. launched for the NES. Hell, you weren't above playing charming side-scrollers as a kid. Why would you be above it now?