The Fallen Will Get Revenge Against More Bots, Thanks to TransFormers DLC

Blaster. Kup. Springer. Cyclonus. Onslaught. Grimlock. Shockwave.

There are probably more TransFormers out there than you can count. Easily, at any rate. So naturally, there’s only so many who are likely to fit into a game, and odds are, someone’s favorite is being left out.

But, what if there were an option to pay to put your favorite TransFormer into the game?

Such an option may be coming for Activision’s TransFormers: Revenge of the Fallen, according to MTV Multiplayer. “The upcoming multi-platform game based on the big “Transformers” movie sequel, won’t just offer players a variety of Autobots and Decepticons to control. It will offer gamers the ability to download more.”

Speaking to an Activision rep, the company has a “healthy DLC [downloadable content] plan which will incorporate more characters” for the upcoming movie-based title. It wasn’t explicitly said that players would have to pay for the content, but “that’s been the business model employed successfully by Activision and other publishers for new content in ‘Guitar Hero,’ ‘Rock Band,’ ‘Halo’ and more.”

Unfortunately, the rep’s lips were sealed as to which members of the toyline’s 25-year history would made available. And, much to their regret, MTV did not get clarification as to whether or not the DLC would be exclusive to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions, or if perhaps Wii, DS, and PSP owners could somehow get in on the fun.

As long as the downloads don’t cost too much, I’m all for this. The thought of trucking around and stomping on anything that gets in my way as Trypticon already has me reaching for my wallet.

Hmm, I wonder if Activision would accept payment in Energon?