The Dust has Settled in Japan

Word of Phantom Dust came rather quietly to our shores months ago, bringing with it screens that further demonstrated the graphical prowess of the Xbox. The game, a mixture of action, fighting, and card-collecting showed promise, but questions remained as to whether or not the Japanese flavor of the game would be too strong for our proverbial western tounges. Microsoft, apparently, feels they know the answer and have subsequently announced Phantom Dust’s cancellation, but only for North America.

In a statement made recently, a Microsoft spokesperson announced that “Microsoft Game Studios has decided to not publish Phantom Dust for North America. However, Phantom Dust is scheduled for release in Japan during later this year. We have so far made no detailed announcement on the publishing date or the targeted markets. We plan to make an official announcement sometime after E3, and media will be provided with assets and information at that time.”

That pretty well seals it. There’s not much left to do but say “Phantom Dust, we hardly knew ye.”