The Crew Closed Beta gameplay: Visiting Miami and ending up in Key West

After riding through the streets of New York, we set our sights on the sunny Miami in Ubisoft's upcoming giant-sized open world racing game, The Crew. While the Closed Beta doesn't feature all of the missions, it does give full access to the entirety of the United States, letting players explore each of the six main cities of New York, Miami, Detroit, Chicago, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

While originally I was going to simply focus on driving through the streets of Miami and its outskirts, I eventually just kept driving South until I made it all the way to Key West. There is certainly a nice contrast between the Northern city of New York, to the palm tree laden streets of Miami. While I probably explored Miami the least so far, it does seem like it's slightly smaller in size compared to New York, which does make sense comparitively, given both cities' real life population count.

So what's all included in the Closed Beta of The Crew? Here are the details:


  • Midwest: All missions and skill challenges 
  • East Coast: All skill challenges 
  • West Coast, Mountain States, South: Open for free- roaming! 


  • The Street Spec: You’ll get this one in Detroit! 
  • The Dirt Spec: This spec will be available in New York! 

And of course, you'll be able to form crews and play with your friends during the Closed Beta as well.

The Crew Closed Beta is currently live until this Friday, July 25th.

*Note: There are a few framerate hiccups due to FRAPS slowing down my computer a bit.