thatgamecompanys Next Project “Natural Progression”

If you don’t know the name Jenova Chen, you should. Not only does he have the fantastic name “Jenova” (his theme song is awesome), he’s also the main man at thatgamecompany, one of the most unique game developers in the industry today.

At the Develop Conference in the UK this morning, Jenova kind of talked about his company’s next project for Sony. Exact details were scarce, but he referred to it as “a totally different game” that still “feels like a natural progression” for thatgamecompany. “[It’s] definitely something you’ve never experienced before.”

That last part is certainly easy to believe. I had never experienced anything like flOw or Flower before, either. Flowest* will likely be just as unique.

Chen later went on to talk about games that do the opposite of what Flower excels at. While Flower is built on the idea of bringing the player feelings of calmness and happiness, he likes games that focus on negativity as well. “I really like negative-feeling games. I played a lot of competition games when I was young. God of War is a really good game about hatred.”

Could Flowest be a Killer 7-style depress-a-thon?

*[The game is not confirmed, or even rumoured to be named “Flowest”]