TGS 2004: Picture Tour

Written by David Chiu

The first day of the 14th Annual Tokyo Game Show started took today at the Makuhahi Mesee Convention Center. Please enjoy the following photo tour.

We were greeted by the best of SNK on the way from Kaihin Makuhari train station to the convention center.

The stairway to heaven, I mean, the entrance.

This is what you first see when you enter. This is where you get your press pass and laugh at the huge line of people who did not pre-register for the show.

Once you enter the convention hall, you’re greeting by the Square Enix booth on your left…

And the Sega booth on the right.

Square Enix had 4 theaters showing trailers of their latest projects, including the hugely anticipated FFVII: AC.

EA had a huge booth at TGS.

The newly redesigned PStwo. I want one!

The PSP booth was huge, featuring 100 game units. But only 44 of them were actually part of the booth.

The rest were connected to mobile demo unit booth girls like the one above.

The Sega/ Sammy booth was gigantic. And Shenmue Online was a main focus at the booth.

The Capcom booth stage. There were presentations here every hour.

It’s Namco’s 50th anniversary this year!

Touching this giant blow up PSP would result in getting your hand chopped off… or receiving a mild warning, same thing.

Don’t you wish you were there to see this?

This bag contained all the stuff I got today for free. It weighed 10 pounds. Mostly press kits, pamplets, DVDs and other stuff that you will never get. Muhahahaha…

This is only a portion of it. My room floor is not big enough for me to arrange everything I got on the floor.