Tenchu 4 Gameplay Video

This video comes from the Tenchu 4 press event held in Japan. The video sports some positively shoddy off-screen camera work, but it does allow us to catch a glimpse of the Wii’s version of the assassin title.

The game will take on the standard third person perspective the series is known for. While the environment on display in the video above isn’t exactly graphically pleasing, we do get a chance to check out one of the kill techniques. At about 35 seconds in, we see our ninja engage in a moment of bloodlust as the player on stage waggles his Wii-mote as the screen indicates. Will the game be a pleasant mix of Splinter Cell, Red Steel (the good parts) and Assassin’s Creed?

At about 1:50, a message appears that states that a playable demo will be available at the Tokyo Game Show in October of this year.  Kombo is sure to relate any news.