10 Characters We’d Like to See For Marvel vs Capcom 3 DLC

There are always those characters that we want to see in Marvel vs Capcom 3. For every She-Hulk (seriously, who asked for her?) there’s a missing Mega Man or Gambit. As we get to the launch of MvC3, it seems more and more likely that fan favorites will not be making it into the game. Thankfully, with the advent of DLC, it looks like we’ll be getting more characters well after the release of the game, with Jill Valentine and Shuma-Gorath starting things off.

While Capcom hasn’t gone on the record and stated what characters they will be bringing to the game with DLC, there are some stand out expectations. First of all, Mega Man is one people want to see, even as Zero and Tron Bonne round out the Mega Man representation. Additionally, it has been confirmed that Frank West was even developed, but that his zombie powers caused some unexpected problems with online play. If Capcom can get these two characters in, most people would be pleased as punch. Additionally, the Fantastic Four, Phoenix Wright, Gambit, Psylocke, Silver Surfer, any of these would make for great additions to the game. However, what if we Capcom was more creative about who they brought to DLC? We’ve gotten to thinking, and below are ten characters we’d love to see come to MvC3. Some are old standbys from MvC2 and Tatsunoko vs Capcom, and some are brand new. All would make for great additions to the game.

Ghost Rider: There are a couple problems with bringing Ghost Rider to MvC3. Fist of all, it would be the second character with a burning head. He also poses the same problem that kicked the Silver Surfer off the list: surf boards and motorcycles are not the best things to bring to a brawl. However, with his chain attacks, he could fit in nicely next to Nathan Spencer as a distance grappler. And that motorcycle? Perfect for the ultra moves.

Ms. Marvel: A character that has gotten more and more popular, Ms. Marvel would have been a better choice than She-Hulk, but that’s neither here nor there. Associated with both the Avenger and X-Men, Ms. Marvel has the strength, looks, and powers to rock MvC3. Fans want her, and she’d bring some cool skills to the game. The only thing setting her back could be comparisons to Phoenix, who oddly seems to play a lot like a potential Ms. Marvel.

Squirrel Girl: If Makoto from BlazBlue has shown us anything, it’s that squirrel girls can be badass fighters. A popular character known for being a goofy homage to golden age superhero comics, Squirrel Girl is arguably the most powerful character in the Marvel universe. Really, she even defeated Dr. Doom once. With her command over squirrels and her squirrel-like reflexes, she would bring the wacky and fun to MvC3. She’s probably fight with her teeth and agility, and her squirrels could mimic Tron’s Servbots.

Loki: The adopted brother of Thor, Loki could make for a great opposition to the god of thunder. Besides being a powerful character, Loki also has a mastery of magic, a superhero trait that is currently missing from the game. Additionally, he could help keep the villain to hero ratio balance in the game. Sure, he’s technically immune to physical damage, but knowing Capcom, they could make a work around.

Daredevil: Daredevil is a little problematic in that his powers are all internalized, as opposed to the flash and bang of his Marvel comrads. However he has a unique fighting style that could be based upon counters and acrobatics with baton. He would also make for a visually striking character, and either he or his partner Elektra would make for very acrobatic combatants. And considering he can’t see, they could do for some backwards attacks unique to him.

Rouge: Rouge is the most popular character from the Dreamcast/arcade franchise Power Stone. She fights with the power of…Gypsy dancing…and she could make for a really awesome addition to the roster. Power Stone, for those who forgot, is an arena based brawler in which players collect gems to grant them new abilities and transformation. While I wouldn’t call for Rouge to turn MvC3 into Pocket Fighter, her transformations into a fire elemental genie could be awesome. And with her dancing, abilities, she’d look and play different from the rest.

Captain Commando: Captain Commando is a funny guy. Initially conceived as a spokesperson for Capcom USA, he proved popular enough to warrant a game in 1991. He’s shown up in many of Capcom’s crossover fighting games, and his fighting style of blasts and summons of his fellow commandos (a ninja, a mummy and a genius baby) would go a long way. He would fit in MvC3 perfectly, as well as revive some interest in this forgotten character.

Gene: There is growing fan-community asking that Gene would make an appearance in MvC3, and we can thank the cult following of PS2-title God Hand for that. The last game made by Clover Studios, Gene would round out the Viewtiful Joe/Okami trifecta from that studio, and bring an insanely outlandish fighting style to the game. He could unleash the powers of his God Hand, and send enemies into the stratosphere. Apparently the developers of MvC3 were surprised about the international desire for Gene to make an appearance, so maybe he can squeeze in.

Batsu: Plenty of characters from the Rival Schools franchise would benefit from a reintroduction to the masses. Hell, the franchise is beloved enough that Batsu, main character in a game about high school kids fighting each other based upon their sports and after school clubs (sorta like a Persona fighting game!), was playable in TvC. He would make a fantastic and solid addition to the game, and if not him, I’d call for Roy, an American-themed fighter who uses American football as his inspiration, or Tiffany, who fights as a cheerleader.

Soki: If Soki made an appearance, it wouldn’t be his first time in a fighting game,. The star of Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams, this blond-haired samurai fights with the power of big giant swords and was last seen as a character in TvC. His fighting style is mostly complete, if you were to snag him from TvC, and he’s distinct enough to stand out on his own.

So what do you think? Are there any characters you’d like to see show up as DLC for MvC3?