Ten Nintendo characters that should be in the next Smash Bros.

The Smash Bros. series has prided itself on bringing characters from several different Nintendo universes and pitting them against each other in fast-paced, hard-hitting bouts. The series recently welcomed a few third-party "invaders" in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but it's the roster of Nintendo favorites that really put the series on the map as one of the most unique takes on the fighting genre. So far we've seen an all-star cast of fighters, but a few have still gone unseen. What Nintendo characters should finally make their Smash Bros. debuts when the next game comes to the Wii U and 3DS?

King K. Rool (Donkey Kong series)

The main antagonist in the Donkey Kong games is a powerhouse equipped with brute force and a conniving mind. Over the years, he's donned many disguises and taken on several roles as an endgame boss. Whether he's posing as a mad scientist or duking it out with the Kongs as a heavyweight boxer, K. Rool is more than ready to finally enter the fray. It's time for some new bad guys in Smash Bros., and this hilariously obese crocodile should lead the charge.

Birdo (Mario series)

Birdo has been around for a long time, and after making her debut in Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic and being a part of the Mario series since the late '80s, this could be her (his?) time to shine as the newest brawler in Smash Bros. With the ability to shoot eggs and fireballs from her snout, Birdo can instantly become a long-range player. And while the debate regarding her true gender is still brought up to this day, what's really important is that Birdo has proven herself as a Nintendo mainstay, and it's time she kicked Yoshi's butt and proved her dominance as the top dino.

Bowser Jr. (Mario series)

Bowser has a bunch of kids, and while no one's certain where they come from (can Bowser lay eggs?), it's obvious the little tykes are a popular bunch among series fanatics. Pretty much any of the Koopa King's offspring would be great additions to Smash Bros., but we'll stick with Bowser Jr. Like Wario, it's possible that Jr. can bring a nice mix of power and speed with his stocky size and rotund shape.

Paper Mario (Mario series)

Now, before you all hate on this pick for being a possible Mario clone, you should consider that the Super Mario and Paper Mario games are very different. And while the iconic Italian plumber stars in both series, he has different attacks and handles differently in each. Paper Mario should come to the Smash Bros. series with his hammer in tow and some trusty sidekicks to watch his back.

Escargoon (Kirby series)

First appearing in the awesome anime series Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Escargoon was one of the best contributions to the Kirby franchise thanks to his dimwitted attitude and obvious stupidity. He recently made his video game debut in a mini-game in Kirby Mass Attack, and while that's a fine start, Escargoon deserves more. Nintendo, find a way to make this Kirby character playable in the next Smash Bros. so he can form the ultimate team with his boss King Dedede.

Waluigi (Mario series)

Some people love him, and some people hate him, but now that Waluigi's in the Mario crew to stay, he needs to appear in his very first Smash Bros. game as more than just an Assist Trophy. Some folks made their own version of Waluigi and hacked him into their copy of Brawl not too long ago, but Nintendo should help gamers avoid the trouble altogether by actually putting him in the next game. We already know that Wario is superior to Mario in every way, but we need to settle the score once and for all: Who's the best between Luigi and Waluigi?

Evil Plastic Peripheral Bot (Wii)

In Brawl, we got R.O.B., one of the worst video game accessories ever created, yet still one of the most charming. As a result of his retro appeal and endearing appearance, R.O.B. quickly became a fan favorite. But he needs a villain to battle with, and really, there's no better candidate than a … thing … made up of all the Wii's useless accessories. Just look at that monstrosity's creepy smile!

Starfy (The Legendary Starfy series)

Co-owned by Nintendo and Japanese developer TOSE, The Legendary Starfy is a series that's pretty obscure in North America, popping up a single time in one of the coolest games developed for the DS. In Japan, the titular Starfy has appeared in five marine platforming adventures. The hero has been compared to Kirby, and that's a personal dream match I would love to see. Like Waluigi, Starfy was relegated to Assist Trophy status in Brawl. Nintendo, TOSE, change that and make the star (horrible pun intended) of The Legendary Starfy a fighter in the upcoming Smash Bros.

Toad (Mario series)

The raspy-voiced Toad has never appeared as a playable brawler in Smash Bros. Does he have any attacks at his disposal? Does he even know the art of combat? Can the anthropomorphic mushroom even defend himself? The answer to all of those questions is probably "no," but really, isn't it about time Toad finally made his fighting debut in the Smash Bros. series?

Wart (Mario series, Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic)

While North American gamers battled Wart for the first time in Super Mario Bros. 2 for the NES, the dream-dwelling villain made his actual debut in Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic alongside Birdo. The beast gave Bowser a run for his money and was a major threat to Mario and company. Well, as threatening as a bad nightmare, anyway. Despite the fact that Wart only appeared in two games — or two different versions of the same game, rather — he's an iconic boss who deserves to duke it out amongst Nintendo's finest.

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