Telltale Games Interview: Asking the hard-hitting questions for Season 2 of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 1 from Telltale games was huge. Not only did it win many Game of the Year awards, it also managed to be an extremely authentic experience to the source material. And if there's anything true about licensed games, it's that they tend to be rather bad.

Telltale Games knows what they're doing though, and are clearly on track to once again amaze and shock people in The Walking Dead Season 2.

Players will this time step into the tiny shoes of Clementine, a young girl trying to survive in a world infested with flesh-eating zombies, and playing from a young girls point of view, is sure to be way more terrifying than playing as an escaped convict with a heart of gold.

We were able to chat with Mark Darin and Denis Lenart about the upcoming Season 2, and really press them about what fans can expect. No expenses are spared as anything can be revealed during this exclusive interview.