Tecmo Koei Asking Sony for PS3 Price Cut

Tecmo Koei has come to the realization that many others have been screaming about: the PS3 needs a price cut. Computer And Video Games did an interview with Kenji Matsubara — CEO of Tecmo Koei– who said, “yes, from a publisher’s point of view we would welcome a price cut for PS3, and we are waiting, definitely.”

Matsubara does not explain if “waiting” means that they have games and announcements that have been delayed due to the slow sales of the PS3. He goes on to explain that while he has asked Sony to cut the price, he doesn’t “have a clear view on Sony’s situation.”

This is a kinder plea to Sony than the one that Activision CEO Bobby Kotick made. He has threatened to pull support for the PS3 if there is not a price cut announced soon.

With rumors of the PS3 Slim continuing to swirl, it seems like only a matter of time before Sony makes some sort of announcement. Whether that announcement is a severe drop in price is something that third party publishers will have to continue screaming for.