Tearaway Cheats: Papercraft Plans locations

There's a ton of collectibles for Media Molecule's Tearaway​ for the PS Vita. Among those collectibles are Papercraft Plans — white objects that have had their color drained that you take photos of and receive. They're scattered throughout the game, but here's the locations of all of them by level:

Standing Stones

  • Papercraft Plan #1 – Bull Mummer: In the Gopher area, in the bushes behind the basketball hoop.
  • Papercraft Plan #2 – Oak Tree: In a large open area at the end of the chapter. Large and hard to miss.
  • Papercraft Plan #3 – Cone Face: Large opening at end of the chapter, walk up the red path on the left hand side. You'll find it in the bushes. 
  • Papercraft Plan #4 – Horse Mummer: Again, large opening at the end of the chapter, it is in plain view on a cliff overlooking the exit.

Wassail Orchard

  • Papercraft Plan #5 – Squirrel King: Immediately after the first present, advance forward. In the area where you're jumping across a bunch of drums.
  • Papercraft Plan #6 – Crocus: Climb up the drums and take out the scraps. Papercraft will be above you. 
  • Papercraft Plan #7 – Conifer: You'll come to a fork in the road with two bridges in front of it, a brown and green one. Look right with your camera to find it.
  • Papercraft Plan #8 – Wall Flower: After lowering apples into the water, climb up to a new platform where there is a bridge. Cross it and you'll find it. 
  • Papercraft Plan #9 – Drum: Progress through the drumming rituals, bounce off a drum onto a platform with an apple. Behind the apple is the drum.

Maypole Fields

  • Papercraft Plan #10 – Winter Tree: After riding the pig and entering the fields, look to your left and see the plan behind a fence.
  • Papercraft Plan #11 – Standing Stone: To the right of the Conehead Mummer, behind a fence.
  • Papercraft Plan #12 – Wheat: On the north side of the barn, behind a fence.
  • Papercraft Plan #13 – Carousel: Back at the start of the level where you entered the fields. Easy to spot.

The Barn

  • Papercraft Plan #14 – Marrow: After you lower the weight with acorns, take it up and find the plan in plain sight.
  • Papercraft Plan #15 – Pumpkin: After lowering the second weight with acorns, take it up and head to the right.
  • Papercraft Plan #16 – Seed Mummer: When you learn how to roll, head to the right and find this plan.
  • Papercraft Plan #17 – Mouse: Take the elevator that drops down after you fight the scraps on stilts. Walk along the ledge to the left, and roll into the mousehole to find this plan.

Gibbet Hill

  • Papercraft Plan #18 – Elk: Cross the paper bridge at the beginning of the chapter. Proceed over four purple ramps. You'll see the elk you can interact with.
  • Papercraft Plan #19 – Torch: After the scarecrow, you'll get to a part with extendable bridges. You'll have a part where you have to go up a ramp onto two extended bridges. On this ramp is the torch.
  • Papercraft Plan #20 – Heart Mummer: Continue moving until you raise one of the extenders with you standing on it. You'll find someone to talk to.
  • Papercraft Plan #21 – Cabin: Next to the Mummer is the cabin. After fighting with the scraps, it is behind a large banner in the corner in the next area.

Crash Site

  • Papercraft Plan #22 – Pine Tree Sapling: Right at the start of the level, look around and you'll see it near one of the walls.
  • Papercraft Plan #23 – Mushroom: After your new friend comes across the bridge and eats the barrier, you'll see this plan right in front of you.
  • Papercraft Plan #24 – Apple: After lowering some doors for your friend to pass through, you'll see this apple off in the distance to your right.

The Harbour

  • Papercraft Plan #25 – Buoy: At the front of the lighthouse, you'll see this buoy bobbing in the water. 
  • Papercraft Plan #26 – Chief Scientist: From the Buoy, enter the house and find the painting with a pinwheel on it. Use the Squeezebox to reveal a hidden room.
  • Papercraft Plan #27 – Oyster: Head down onto the beach, on the left side facing the water you'll see the Oyster.

Wendigo Fissure

  • Papercraft Plan #28 – Gopher: In the opening, you'll find a white Gopher running around.
  • Papercraft Plan #29 – Pine Cone: After scaling the first glue wall, jump across some drums to reach the next section. As you're doing this, some Wendigos will throw rocks at you. Find the plan on the 2nd Wendigo platform. 
  • Papercraft Plan #30 – Leafy Tree: After jumping off the drums, run through two collapsing sections. After this, you'll reach a checkpoint. The camera angle will change and you'll see the Leafy Tree over your shoulder.
  • Papercraft Plan #31 – Drill: You'll reach a section where the ground will break in patches. Cross through this, jump across the bridge and reach the next section. At the end of the next ground-breaking section, you'll see the Drill inside one of the last holes that appear.

The Lab

  • Papercraft Plan #32 – Scientist: After descending from the lobby into the lab. Turn around and you'll see the white Scientist.
  • Papercraft Plan #33 – Computer: As you move past the large squeezeboxes, you'll see the plan on a ledge above you.
  • Papercraft Plan #34 – Squeeze Box: You'll have to navigate a ball using fans. After doing this, head into the next section and you'll see the squeeze box. 
  • Papercraft Plan #35 – Tall Chair: At the end of the chapter, you'll find the Tall Chair inside the Chief Scientist's office.

The Caverns

  • Papercraft Plan #36 – Present: Past the squirrel, there is an island you can jump onto to your right. Jump onto it and follow the path to find this plan. 
  • Papercraft Plan #37 – Scrap: On the main path, jump into the pipe to appear up top. Two scraps will appear, one of them being white.
  • Papercraft Plan #38 – Docker: You'll have to spin some pinwheels to reveal jump pads. Go to the 2nd jump pad and jump onto a platform to your right. Pull out your camera and you'll see this plan to your right.
  • Papercraft Plan #39 – Wendigo: You'll come across a white Wendigo in a cage.

Between the Pages

  • Papercraft Plan #40 – Water Lily: After bouncing across the bounce pad wall, you'll see this plan far below.
  • Papercraft Plan #41 – Beehive: When you drop down from the third book, the Beehive will be next to you. 
  • Papercraft Plan #42 – Ink Pot: You'll find this plan after the section where you're unwrapping triangles.

The Desert

  • Papercraft Plan #43 – Cacti: Right at the start of the level.
  • Papercraft Plan #44 – Pig: Can't miss; as you progress, you'll spot the pig, who you must paint to continue.
  • Papercraft Plan #45 – Desert Bush: When you get off the pig, you'll see this plan to your right on the upper platform.
  • Papercraft Plan #46 – Water Tower: There will be a cactus that talks to you and a bridge on your left. Roll out the bridge and follow that path.

The Traveller

  • Papercraft Plan #47 – Green Man: At the start of the level when you walk down the corridor, you'll see him on a shelf on your left.
  • Papercraft Plan #48 – Snowflake: After the cutscene about another Messenger, you'll see a Snowflake to your right.
  • Papercraft Plan #49 – Sunflower: As you guide the Messenger, you'll reach a part where you're on the left, the Messenger on the right, heading past four tilt blocks. when you arrive at the door, you'll see the Sunflower plan up to your right.

The Tear

  • Papercraft Plan #50 – Butterfly: After you jump and land, the Butterfly will be right next to you.
  • Papercraft Plan #51 – Pinetree: After you jump and land, you'll see the Pinetree on a rock floating ahead of you.
  • Papercraft Plan #52 – Woodspirit Mummer: After going through a series of pink ramps, you'll get to a section with a tilting platform. Use the camera view while standing next to the iota, and look around to find this plan on a rock that's floating.
  • Papercraft Plan #53 – Basketball Hoop: After a squirrel comes crashing in front of you, you'll find this plan in the same area.

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