Taxi Sono Qui! Get To The Club In Style

The cabs are here! It’s Jersday and that means another Jersey Shore theme post. Getting where you need to go quickly and safely while intoxicated is an important issue. You need a vehicle that is both safe and reliable. After a night of pounding drinks at the bar, these popular gaming vehicles are GameZone’s preferred modes of transportation. So grab some Ron Ron Juice and enjoy our list of “taxis”.

M12 “Warthog” Force Application Vehicle – Halo

This four-wheel all-terrain vehicle is capable of going over any obstacle without difficulty. Capable of reaching top speeds of 125km/h (78 MPH), the Warthog will get you where you need to go. Unfortunately, the Warthog’s design places it into the jeep family and because it’s a jeep of its speed, it is prone to rollovers. Used for its scouting and reconnaissance capacity taking you and two dudes to the bar, this three-seater allows one passenger to ride shotgun, while giving the other a chance to sober up by the fresh air smacking them in the face as they mount in the gunner position.

Centaur – Gears of War

While the exact number how many passengers this tank can hold is unknown, it’s definitely spacious enough to fit you and your roommates plus whatever stranded DTF girls you pick up from the club. The Centaur features four forward-mounted headlights/searchlights for helping itself and friendly forces to see in the dark with drunken blurred vision. Also equipped with several antennas, used for both short-range and long-range communications between friendly forces, the Centaur can help you stay in touch with the girls’ vehicle when they get lost in Italy on the way to the gym.

The Ferrari – OutRun Online Arcade

This stylish sports car already comes with a nagging hot blonde that’s DTF. Enough said.

Taxi – Crazy Taxi

No other vehicle will get you where you need to go quicker than the Taxi in Crazy Taxi. With that being said, no other taxi will respond quicker when you need them to take a girl home after smooshing (after all, you don’t let them spend the night). The speedy taxi will jump other cars, launch off ramps, and perform stunts as it gets you to your destination as quickly as possible. You better be loaded though, as a ride in this puppy could run you several hundred dollars.

We could probably think of more awesome transportation methods, but it’s time to pregame for another episode of Jersey Shore get back to posting gaming news. Come to think of it, some of these rides would be a pretty sweet entrance to PAX.