Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Coming to Wii (in Japan)

Oh cruel, ironic fate. A game that one could decidedly call “core” or “traditional” is coming to the Wii, and due to an entire roll of red tape, we may never get to see it on these shores (though they’re “working on it“).

That’s right, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom finally gets a home announcement, and somewhat surprisingly (there have been rumors for awhile now), it’s coming out for the Wii. And so far, only for the Wii. Of course, that may very well change, but for now, Wii is the place for Japan’s finest superheroes to take on Capcom’s collective.

In addition, it seems the Wii version, due on December 11th, will feature an additional character or two:

龙之子70年代左右的著名动画《喷嚏大魔怪(The Genie Family)》的主角将作为特殊人物参战。 Long son of the well-known around the 1970s animated “Monster big sneeze (The Genie Family)” will be the protagonist of the war as a special figure.

此外杂志还报道了两名此前透露的参战角色,分别是龙之子40周年纪念动画《鸦KARAS》中的主角”鸦”以及Capcom游戏《失落的星球(Lost Planet)》中的PTX-40A。 In addition the magazine also reported previously that two of the war role, respectively, the son of the Dragon 40 anniversary of the animated “Arthur KARAS” the protagonist of “Arthur” and Capcom game “Lost Planet (Lost Planet)” in the PTX-40A. — Underone

Check out the other Famitsu scans in the link above, and then join me in hoping the stars align and this is able to leave Japan.