Tales of Graces f | Walkthrough Guide & FAQ

Tales of Graces f is an exciting action-RPG from Namco Bandai's Tales Studio. It is the story of several childhood friends who grow apart following a major tragedy. Seven years later they must rediscover the bonds between them, and work together to save the world!

Tales of Graces f | Complete Walkthrough Guide


(From left to right: Asbel, Sophie, Hubert, Cheria, Richard, Malik & Pascal)

Asbel Lhant
The main character and son of Aston Lhant, lord of the town of Lhant. Asbel is next in line to be lord of Lhant, though frequently argues with his father and goes against his orders. Following a tragedy in the catacombs beneath the Barona sanctuary, Lhant abandons his home in hopes of becoming a knight in the capital.


Found by Asbel and Hubert atop Lhant hill, this mysterious girl has no recollection of her past, not even her true name. The children name her after Sopheria, a flower from the hill. Following the tragedy in Barona she is believed dead, though a similar looking girl is again found atop the hillside seven years later. Is this coincidence?

Hubert Oswell
The younger son of Aston Lhant, Hubert begins the game as a shy and timid boy, and unlike Asbel, obedient to his stern father. Following the tragedy in Barona, Hubert is adopted out to the Oswell family of Strahta, taking their name.

Cheria Barnes

Granddaughter of Frederick Barnes, steward to the Lhant family. A sickly child in youth, Cheria is left alone in Lhant following Asbel and Hubert's departures. She eventually overcomes her illness, now using her mysterious new healing powers to help nurse the wounded.

The Prince of Windol Country, Richard learns to trust Asbel and his friends after seeing Asbel stand up to the arrogant sword instructor Bryce, later revealed to be an assassin. After Asbel saves Richard's life, the two along with Sophie carve a friendship pact into the tree atop Lhant Hill. Following the tragedy in Barona, Richard's father is murdered, though there's something off about this would-be king…

Malik Caesar
An instructor in the Knight's Academy, Mailk helps train Asbel to become a knight. He is a strong though amicable man, who joins the group in their journey after Asbel pleads for his former instructor to be saved from execution at the hands of Richard.

A strange and plucky girl who seems obsessed with discovering the secrets of the Amarcians, an ancient race which live in this world long ago. She is especially interested in touching Sophie, believing the girl holds the secrets to her research. Sophie is not so receptive to this relentless groper…

Combat Basics

Artes (Attacking)

  • Tales of Graces f uses a real-time combat system, which encourages dodging, blocking and stringing together attack combos. All actions require CC points (chain capacity), which are displayed alongside the character's name within a blue flame icon.
  • Using the X button unleashes a standard A-Arte attack, with different moves made possible by pressing this attack button in conjunction with a direction on the thumbstick.
  • The longest possible A-Arte combo is four moves long, with different moves being available at each step (so, some opening attacks chain into different secondary attacks, which chain into different third attacks, etc). Take a look at the arte's screen to get an idea of what combos can be put together. 
  • As the game progresses, Asbel will gain access to B-Artes. Use the circle button to unsheathe Asbel's sword and use these powerful attacks. 
  • Unsheathing the sword costs 1 CC. Asbel is more vulnerable with his sword out, though can often inflict more serious damage. 
  • Press X again to re-sheathe the sword and return to using A-Artes. Stringing together combos of both A and B artes is the path to victory! 
  • Asbel's health is restored after re-sheathing his sword, based on the amount of damage done with B-Artes. Pile on the damage with the sword, then quickly sheathe it to gain some health!
  • Each arte uses up a different amount of CC, so keep that in mind when calculating the combo you're interested in attempting.

Guarding & Side-Stepping

  • Pressing square allows characters to guard, lessening the damage from attacks with their block.
  • Continue holding the square button down for advanced guards, and to speed up the production of CC.
  • While guarding, players can side-step by pressing right, left or back on the thumbstick, and avoid enemy attacks.
  • Avoiding a large vertical slash with a side-step will restore 3 CC to the gauge, so get out of the way of those giant swings to keep your combo going!
  • Pressing up on the thumbstick while blocking lets you press in on the enemy. Doing this while a projectile approaches will cause the projectile to ricochet back at the enemy.
  • Pressing in while an enemy is particularly vulnerable will add 1 CC to the gauge.Hold R1 and use the thumbstick to change your target. While targeting an enemy, their weaknesses will be revealed. Use artes with elemental properties that the enemy is weak against to score massive damage!

Additional Commands & Advice

  • Use the d-pad to switch which character you are using. (Optional)
  • Use the triangle button to open the menu. From there you can instruct characters to use specific artes, or direct them to use items on other characters or themselves.
  • An important note: spellcasters will have their spells interrupted if they are struck while casting. Take care to guard your healers in combat, or you'll soon find your party defeated!

Main Walkthrough

Color Guide

Light Blue – Items
Pink – Key Items
Red – Titles
Orange – Discoveries
Yellow – Skits

Part 01: A Mysterious Girl

Items Found:

  • 100 Gald
  • Apple Gel x3
  • Apple x3
  • Book of Discovery
  • Book of Monsters
  • Dualizing Book
  • Gel Seed x1
  • Glassphere x1
  • Glassphere x1
  • Life Bottle x1
  • Plucked Flower
  • Rice x 5

Common Enemies:

  • Filifolia Bud
  • Giant Bee
  • Mandragora Sprout
  • Peepit
  • Wolf Pup
  • Wooly Boar

As the game opens, Asbel Lhant and his brother Hubert are off to explore Lhant Hill, despite Hubert's many objections. Open the treasure chest immediately to your left to find Apple Gel x 3. Further along to the right of the map, you'll find a chest containing Glassphere x 1. Up the hill you'll find a save point, with a chest hidden in the reeds across from it containing Life Bottle x 1. Crest the top of the hill and you'll come across a Mysterious purple-haired girl…

Following this scene, you'll get the Plucked Flower. Time to return to Lhant Village. Exit the Lhant Hill area by going south. Out on North Lhant Road, bear east along the path.

*SKIT* Seek the Sparkles: Stand beside the save point along East Lhant Road

Back in Lhant you'll meet Cheria, who you'll give the Plucked Flower (so that she'll shut up).

*SKIT* Poor Choice of Words: Stop on the small bridge in the middle of Lhant

Optionally, you can go and talk to the Lhant Militiaman beside the apple tree on the west side of town. Tell him "We're not little kids!" He'll challenge you to name the monsters outside of town. Answer "Wolf Pup," "Wooly Boar," and "Giant Bee," after which he'll hand over 100 Gald.

Now, head over to Lhant Manor on the east side of the village. After checking in with Cheria's grandfather, it's time to head west of the village in search of the mysterious girl's identity. Along the way, you'll encounter the Militaman by the apple tree, who will give you the Book of Discovery, and encourage you to seek out all 85 of the world's discoveries.

*DISCOVERY* #1: Apple Trees
Item: Apples x 3 (Replenishes)
Found right behind the guard who hands over the Book of Discovery

*SKIT* The Fruit of Ignorance: Stand next to the apple tree after obtaining the Book of Discovery

Head past the apple tree onto the West Lhant Road.

*SKIT* Boys and Boats: Stand right outside the western Lhant gate

Continue along the western path. Following your first battle west of the village, you should receive the Enemy Book, which will begin to catalog the monsters you fight.

*DISCOVERY* #2 – Gel Seeds
Item: Gel Seed x1 (Replenishes)
Along West Lhant Road, the tree beside a treasure chest, surrounded by what look like pumpkins

*SKIT* Not for Human Consumption: Stand beside the Gel Seed tree after its discovery

In the chest beside the Gel Seed tree, open the chest to find Glassphere x1.

Continuing down the path, talk to a man in yellow, a Turtlez member. As long as you have apples and a gel seed, he'll hand over the Dualizing Book, and teach you how to combine items. For starters, he'll help you combine an Apple and a Gel Seed into an Apple Gel! Experiment with all sorts of mixtures!

At the end of the road you'll encounter the Traveling Beastmaster, who unfortunately sheds no light on the Mysterious Girl's condition. In the left side of the area, you'll find a chest containing Rice x5. Now it's time to head back to Lhant!

*SKIT* Abracadabara: Stand beside the woodside cabin west of Lhan, right after meeting the Traveling Beastmaster

Return to Lhant Manor and talk with Asbel's father Aston, in the study on the first floor. Afterwards, Asbel will receive the title: Lord's Heir.

*SKIT* Family Ties: Stand beside the save point inside the Lhant family manor after meeting Frederick

To be continued!