Tales of Disbelief: Modern Warfare 2 Sells Many Copies

You might not have heard, but this week saw a new game released into the marketplace, Modern Warfare 2. Analysts have pegged the newcomer as a hungry young scrapper with a lot of heart, and think there’s a chance it could go far.

Publisher Activision had high hopes for it, though, claiming that it could be the “largest video game launch of all time” (of all time!). And now, it seems those hopes were rewarded, as the game has sold 4.7 million copies, earning $310 million, allowing it to live up to the hype.

And that’s just in North America and the U.K.; it was sold in more regions than that. By comparison, Grand Theft Auto IV comes in second at 3.6 million copies globally.

“It’s an absolutely unbelievable number,” Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey told Bloomberg. “This has been called the biggest entertainment release of all time for the last six months.”

Prior to the announcement of the sales made so far, Hickey had said “Activision may sell a total of 11.1 million this year, for $803 million.” One can only wonder how well sales will continue into next year.

One might also wonder what Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime is thinking right now, following his claim that New Super Mario Bros. Wii can outsell Modern Warfare 2 on an individual platform.