Take Off Half the Price of a New PS3 by Trading in an Old PS3

If you’re a PlayStation 3 owner who is looking to trade up to the new slim model of the third generation ‘Station, then GameStop has some good news for you.

Act now, and your trade can bring you $150 closer to taking home the matte-black machine of your dreams. Or, if for some reason you no longer want anything to do with the most popular console of last generation, the PS2 with an extra controller and memory card will get you a whopping $50 towards the new hotness. Such a deal!

Unfortunately, GameStop is a little light on the details, not specifying if there are restrictions in regards to HD size (20GB, specifically) for their generous offer. But what they do tell you is that the offer is only valid in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Guam (screw Canada! Buncha hosers with their lousy hockey money), and from 8/26/09 to 10/04/09.