Super Turrican Marches on to Virtual Console

Wow, the irony is laid on thick today. Nintendo’s press release for their latest Virtual Console update, the first of March, says “This might be a good time to look back at the massive catalog of classic games and ask yourself if you’ve played them all. Well, have you?” Which is funny, in a way, as it’s immediately preceded by “March is roaring in like a lion on the Virtual Consoleâ„¢,” in reference to a single, obscure title available for download.

And that title is none other than Super Turrican! *crickets chirp* You heard me, right? It’s Supe–aww, forget it. Europe got this one last week, alongside River City Ransom. I guess the latter is to make up for no Super Smash Bros. Brawl for them this weekend.

Not that Super Turrican is necessarily a bad game, mind. At least, not if you like challenge. It’s a Super NES game that comes with an E10+ rating for one player. In it, you play as a hero out to save the planet Katakis from the evil Machine, “source of all that is cruel and evil in the universe.” Seriously. For 800 Wii Points, you get to utilize the eponymous assault suit and it’s awesome weaponry, such as the innovative Freeze-Beam, capable of immobilizing almost any enemy, to battle through 12 levels and defeat evil.

And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, well, “You know there are some unplayed gems in there that your friends keep raving about.. Not to mention the games you haven’t played since you were 10. Just think of the Virtual Console as your own personal fountain of youth.”