Super Mario 3D World cheats: How to unlock bonus worlds

If you’ve familiar with Mario games, then you’re familiar with bonus worlds. In Super Mario 3D World, this trend is no different. Dare I say this is a staple of the franchise?  As expected, these “bonus” worlds need a little bit of work to reach. With that said, enough effort will get you these unlocked worlds with the rest of them.

There are three different bonus worlds: Crown World, Mushroom World, and Star World. The easiest of the three is obtain is the Star World:

Star World: to unlock these bonus levels, simply finish the main game. That’s it. Once you do so you’ll notice there is a bit more content for you.

Mushroom World: After unlocking the Star World, the most logical next task to accomplish is to beat that world. After doing so, you will have unlocked the Mushroom World.

Crown World: This one takes a bit more effort than the other two; more for the completionist crowd than anyone else. Here’s what must be done:

  • All checkpoint flags must be gold from World 1 to the Flower World
  • Grab all the Green Stars
  • Obtain all stamps (for aid collecting the final character stamps, go HERE)

There you have it. Through all these means, you can unlock the three bonus worlds in Super Mario 3D World. Best of luck!