Suda 51’s Crappy Excuse for No More Heroes

I played through No More Heroes earlier this year, and thought it was a bit of a steamer. Apparently I wasn’t the only one. In an interview with the Official Nintendo Magazine UK, SUDA 51, the head of Grasshopper Studios, admitted to coming up with the idea, while on his favorite porcelain throne:

“I actually came up with the initial idea for a game featuring a [Johnny] Knoxville-style character whilst on the toilet,” Suda says. “I decided to use that inspiration as the save game mechanic.” Knoxville’s penchant for Jackass toilet humor, we assume, was Suda’s muse, as it later also fostered inspiration for one of the game’s more memorable marketing campaigns. — ONM UK

While I can’t fault the guy for being honest, was that little piece of over sharing really necessary? There are a lot of people who do their best thinking with their pants around their ankles, but maybe he should have put a little more thought into this one. Now I need to come up with another topic to write about… Oh no, we’re out of toilet paper?!