Street Fighter IV Not Confirmed for Wii

So here’s a little bit of buzz we can put to rest.

Rumors of a sort recently sprang up when a scan from a Japanese magazine, seen to your right (click for full size), purportedly claimed that Street Fighter IV would be coming to the Wii (“purportedly” in that I damn sure can’t read it to verify). And naturally, this got people buzzing.

It was only a matter of time before Capcom got word of this, and according to Senior Community Manager for Capcom Seth Killian, “There has been no announcement of ANY home version for SFIV, Wii or otherwise. This “mag” is speculating, not reporting news.”

“I have some similar rumors from an Indonesian mag (“Vectrex Insider”) about other platform releases as well, if anybody’s interested.”

So, while not as to say that it isn’t coming to Wii, the simple fact remains that platforms other than arcade have simply not yet been announced.