Stop With the BF3 and MW3 News…Please

No news is good news. I wish that saying would apply to Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. I wish the internet would just get together and agree to stop releasing new screenshots, videos, and features about the two behemoth games. It's ridiculous. We know pretty much everything about both games. What is left to be said?!

***NEWS UPDATE*** The plastic wrap on Battlefield 3 games will be made from recycled plastic.

Every site has a new article or post about both of these games every day. GameZone is guilty of this as well. The more I see about these games, the more I come to despise both titles. I am going to buy them, but I hate them more and more every day.

***NEWS UPDATE*** Modern Warfare 3 was Tweeted about by Eminem and 50 Cent- 1080 degrees on N4G. All three are now trending on Google.

Battlefield 3

Let's start with DICE. They are trying to market themselves as so hardcore. Them with their heavily distorted riff at the end of every ad, trailer, etc. I think the bass is too loud and your speakers just blew. That's what it sounds like. I'm sure beforehand, the sound used to be How Deep is Your Love by the Bee Gees. Please. Enough already. You came out with brass knuckles, swinging for Call of Duty's head. It's just coming off a cocky now, with a little bit of desperation. People are going to buy your game, so calm down a little.

***NEWS UPDATE*** Cliffy B says MW3 and BF3 shouldn't be rated above an 8.

Modern Warfare 3

Then there's Modern Warfare 3.  Everything around this game is pretty much about Call of Duty Elite and the controversy surrounding it.  Everyone knows how the game is going to play.  Everyone knows that the story will include slow-motion jumps; breaching a door and taking out numerous enemies in a time slow-down; a point where you get knocked down, lose your hearing, and have another character yelling in your face; and a storyline that jumps all over the place.  Admit it, you had a visual in your head for each of those examples.

There's just no new news anymore. So, can it really be called news? It's just s now, and that's sad. We know everything. There's nothing to cover until the games come out. Move along.

***NEWS UPDATE*** BF3 and MW3 will have guns!


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