Starz Partners With Microsoft to Offer Anime to Xbox LIVE Marketplace

Starz media’s video library will be coming to the Xbox 360 further increasing the amount of media content available on the Xbox LIVE market place.

“These titles have been favorites for years, as manga, anime series, DVD movies, video games and more. With the emergence of broadband and wireless content platforms, fans have now been asking for these titles digitally. Xbox LIVE is the perfect digital media platform to bring this unique form of entertainment to those fans,” DeBevoise said. “We’re very happy to have these anime titles from Manga Entertainment on Xbox LIVE with its broad reach and significant depth of content.”

Starting yesterday, titles such as “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Seasons 1 & 2,” “Street Fighter II V,” “Noein,” “Tokko” “Virus,” and “Astro Boy” will be available for download with many more titles being made available in the future.

Microsoft’s Honey said, “These titles from Starz Media are an ideal addition to the full range of entertainment content we offer on Xbox LIVE and in the growing catalogue of popular programming we offer in the Anime Channel on the service. We’re glad that our users will be among the fans to get access to this wildly original and entertaining content. We know they’ll make it a hit on our service.”

AMN will keep you updated.