Starbound Cheats: Bone Dragon boss guide

Bone Dragon is the third boss in Starbound. He's a giant bone dragon that flies around and shoots fireballs that set the ground on fire.

To summon the Bone Dragon, you must first craft the Decoy Princess from a recipe at your metalwork station; you get the Decoy Princess schematics when you create the Starmap Upgrade MK3. To craft the Decoy Princess, you need:

  • 2000 Pixels
  • 100 Wood Planks
  • 20 Fabric
  • 50 Titanium Bars

Once you craft the Decoy Princess, place it on a planet surface and he'll be summoned. 

Bone Dragon is a ranged boss, so you should use a gun/sniper rifle. He will fly around, shooting fireballs that spread out a little bit and leave the ground on fire for a short bit of time. Do not touch or attempt to run/dash through the fire, as you'll die. It's good to use tech to help avoid the fireballs or get over the fire, such as Energy Dash or Gravity Bubble. 

It also helps to build an arena to battle the Bone Dragon in — just a small platform with some roofs for shelter that will provide cover from his fireballs. In-between dodging fireballs, just shoot the Bone Dragon until he dies. It definitely is wise to keep moving during the fight.

After defeating him, make sure to pick up the Dragon Bone that he dropped, which is used in crafting the Starmap Upgrade MK4, unlocking the Delta Sector.

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