Star Fox Command Released

Nintendo today officially released the latest iteration in the Star Fox series, Command, for the Nintendo DS.

The series is returning to its roots in the latest space shooter, which follows the story of Fox and his crew after they disbanded after last saving the Lylat system. There is a new threat in the galaxy however, so Fox and his crew must reunite to fight the evil coming from the depths of planet Venom.

The new enemies, the Anglar, will take a bit of time to defeat. Luckily, that time will not go wasted, as the Star Fox Command has some great new features. During the course of the game, there will be the option to fly several new fighter ships along with some old favorites. Each fighter comes fully equipped with unique weapons, shields, and boosting power.

The game will also be decision based, in which different storylines will branch out depending on which missions are picked. A unique feature that only the DS could provide is the inclusion of a battle plan, in which players draw their route to victory. Also included in the package is Wi-Fi capability, which will enable users to blow their friends out of the sky with up to six players over a local wireless connection or take up to four via Wi-Fi.

Star Fox Command retails for $34.99 and is rated E 10+.

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