Square Enix to Give Kingdom Fans a Heart Attack with New 358/2 Days DSi Bundle

If you’ve been resistant to the temptation of Nintendo’s new DSi handheld, but are a Kingdom Hearts fanatic, then Square Enix may have found the key to your heart.

Okay, that was just bad. Nonetheless:

Square Enix announced today a hardware bundle that will combine Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days with a DSi system.

Details are currently scarce on the bundle, which will be named “Kingdom Hearts Edition.” The included DSi unit will have an original design of some form.

Aside from this, pricing and design information will be announced at a future date.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 will be released both in solo and bundle form in February. — ANDRIASANG.COM

My guess? It has zippers. Lots and lots of zippers. And a keyblade stylus.