Source: Mario Kart Wii Brings Back Snaking

German magazine NMag (via GoNintendo) claims to have new details on Nintendo’s upcoming Mario Kart title for the Wii.

Power sliding and snaking (gaining constant boosts of speed by excessively power sliding) will both be making a return. Joining the driver crew will be Boo and Baby Peach, the latter of whom has appeared in Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time and again in Yoshi’s Island DS. The game is said to offer different vehicles for every character.

We knew this already, but Nintendo will be including an online battle mode, a feature sorely lacking in the outstanding Mario Kart DS. What will be returning from the DS rendition is a mix between old and new courses (16 old, 16 new). Control wise, expect to be twisting that Wii Remote similarly to what was required in Excite Truck.