Sony Sends Irredeemable Video Codes to PSN Users in Canada

Some interesting news out of Sony, courtesy of a tipster who wishes to remain anonymous.

It appears that Sony is sending out a code to some PlayStation Network users which will allow them to download an episode of the CW’s show “The Vampire Diaries,” which I understand to be some Twilight-ish thing. The tipster finds it interesting that a female-targeted television show would be sent to a male-dominated userbase, but that’s not even the most interesting part.

What makes this even more interesting is that our tipster lives in Canada, where we apparently don’t have access to the video portion of the PlayStation Store. This, despite the recent Firmware 3.0 update adding the icon for the Video Store, but “it says ‘not available in your country/region’ when you select it.”

So, to summarize: Sony sent out a code for a female-oriented show to a male user in Canada, where he can’t even use it. Makes perfect sense to me.

The tipster says his Canadian account flat-out rejected the code redemption, and his U.S. account accepted the code, but an IP block prevented him from downloading.

This is an absolutely brilliant move by Sony on every level.

For those interested, here is the e-mail (with sensitive information redacted) that some people (not everyone) seem to be receiving:

So far, it seems that people on the Forums are a little insulted, while others are fine with giving their codes away.

But then, there are Canadian users who seem to simply be ticked off purely on principle:

Now, normally I try to be pretty easy going, but this is pushing my buttons.

I swear that I entered my location on my ps3 and psu accounts as Canadian, so maybe sony dosen’t want to send out seperate newsletters for lesser canadians who cannot access the movie store, so every week I get **bleep**ing ads for content that I can’t access.

But to send me an email making me a “part of a select group” of people who cannot access content from my ps3 just really **bleep**ing pisses me off.

What the hell?

“What the hell,” indeed. As another user says:

I’m not sure why Sony sent me this, since I’m in Canada. They ought to know that since I keep my profile up to date and am pretty active on PSN.

Another notes “They shouldn’t get peoples hopes up…”

It’s really annoying when things like this happen, and it’s not exclusive to Sony, either. I’ve had my own issues with Microsoft (we don’t get Netflix, and I had to create an American account to download the TMNT arcade game), and then there was that whole issue with Nintendo not allowing Canadians to gift games to people in the U.S. and vice-versa, “just because.”

I wonder how many other countries get left out of the loop. Given we’re running the same systems and games as the U.S. uses, some of this stuff should not be such a problem.

Why can Sony not set up a separate Video Store for Canada? At least Microsoft has done that much, even if it may be inferior to what the U.S. has.